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Business Owners: Want to Improve Your Cash Flow?

six cash drivers
In any business, there are six cash drivers – six different areas within the operation that either generate or consume cash. Your job as a business owner is to ensure these cash drivers are managed effectively, either by you or someone else in your organisation.

Learning what these cash drivers are, what they mean to your business and how to manage them puts you in control of your cash flow, which ultimately leads to a more profitable, enjoyable and balanced business.

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Winner of “Get a Quote” competition

Do you remember our November post about balloons, lollies and bookkeepers? If not, have a read.

At the same time Jim’s Bookkeeping Melbourne East bookkeepers were running the “lollies counting” competition, there was also having a “Get A Quote” competition in progress.

Recently they had the draw and got a winner – David.

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Every enterprise, whatever size they may be, needs to keep it’s accounting systems in order. This is commonly called bookkeeping, a word that has been synonymous with keeping your “shop” in order where accounting is concerned.

Jim’s Bookkeeping services 131546

If our business is a small one and we cannot afford the services of a fulltime qualified accountant, we could always seek a bookkeeper to maintain our accounts. A bookkeeper could also advise us on the various liabilities we need to adhere to, and our legal obligations.

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A bookkeeper can also advise us, as to where our enterprise is heading. The bookkeeper could also tell us the turnover, expenses and profits. The bookkeeper can help us plug unnecessary expenses that he would be able to see and pinpoint to us.

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Finding the most efficient and trustworthy bookkeeping services is important as the bookkeeper we entrust our accounts to, must also be a part of our enterprise when he is serving us. The bookkeeper must advise and ensure that we pay all our taxes and other utility bills.

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The bookkeeper must be always well versed in changing aspects of and trends in the various tax regimes. We too, must ensure that we employ the best bookkeeper from the most reliable bookkeeping services available.

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