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Business Owners: Want to Improve Your Cash Flow?

In any business, there are six cash drivers - six different areas within the operation that either generate or consume cash. Your job as a business owner is to ensure these cash drivers are managed effectively, either by you or someone else in your organisation.



As 2017 comes to a close, Jim’s Bookkeeping celebrates another year of growth where we have served an increasing number of customers across Australia. National Franchisor Grant Meikle said Jim’s Bookkeeping had grown in 2017, with 12 new Franchisees starting their own franchise business during the year.

Jim’s Bookkeepers – Jim’s Franchisees & Fellow Small Business Owners!

Starting a new business is always daunting and most of the time it will be overwhelming trying to do everything yourself to maximise your profits. Jim’s Franchisees are the same, there is never enough time at the end of the day, and often coming at the expense of their family life.

Here’s why Jim’s Bookkeepers

Not just hot air at Oakleigh Festival

If you were wandering around Melbourne Eastern Suburbs few weekends ago, you have probably visited Oakleigh Festival and most likely passed, if not stopped, at Jim’s Bookkeeping Melbourne East stand.

Jim’s Bookkeeping Melbourne East franchisor Shirley Rawson and her bookkeepers were in full attendance, ready to provide useful information to visitors and blow up a

Tax Return Deadlines

If you were completing your own tax return and were unable to lodge by 31 October 2017, contact Jim’s Tax Australia as soon as possible.

Common Tax Mistakes You Should Avoid

To help you meet your tax obligations, we have identified common mistakes made by restaurant, cafe and other catering businesses. Below you can see how these mistakes can be avoided by doing things the Right Way, instead of the Wrong Way.

Mobile Payment Solutions

John Birse, ICB Director and Jim's Bookkeeping Franchisor, reviews some mobile payment solutions which enable businesses to get paid quickly and efficiently. Many are easy to set up and even work with your accounting program to allocate payments to invoices, reducing the time and potential errors of entering data at the time of sale.

PAY LESS TAX without the ATO targeting you

Here are some TIPS from Jim’s Tax on how to get things right and pay less tax.

Tip 1 – Benchmarks
The ATO have benchmarks for each occupation and, if you are claiming deductions outside of these benchmarks then be prepared for a phone call.  Make sure

New Franchisees – February & March 2016

Jim’s Bookkeeping Trainees – more new Franchisees

We are also looking forward to two more new Jim’s Bookkeepers in March. Nadine and Amy will both be travelling from Queensland to join us for training at the Jim’s Group headquarters in Mooroolbark.

We’re off to an excellent start to the New

Volunteering North Queensland

Jim’s Bookkeeping North Queensland has provided payroll and bookkeeping services to Volunteering North Queensland for several years, and is happy to have this contribution acknowleged following the 2015 National Volunteer Week.

2015 Jim’s Bookkeeping National Conference

Jim’s Bookkeeping has recently concluded its 2015 National Conference in Surfers Paradise. The 38 attendees at the Conference had the opportunity to receive in depth presentations from key industry suppliers. Visit our Jim's Bookkeeping Facebook Photo album with more pictures from the conference. Simply click Simply click here to view our


It’s quite common, especially at Christmas time, for employers to give small gifts to their employees as well as 3rd  parties such as clients, suppliers, customers, contractors etc. These gifts typically take the form of bottles of wine, movie tickets, gift vouchers etc. The tax treatment of these gifts from an employer standpoint, depends upon
forecaster saasu

Avoid Low Cash Flow with Forcaster from SAASU

Introducing Forecaster - the instant cash flow forecasting that shows your cash flow for the next 30 days. The beauty of Forecaster is that you can see every transaction that impacts your cash flow. Forecaster uses real data so you never have to deal with vague “totals” again.

Marketing Methods for Small Business Owners

Wondering about the options for marketing your business? There are numerous online and offline ways to promote your business, including networking, direct and indirect marketing, radio advertising, printed material and social media.  Ideally, it makes sense to utilise a variety of the above methods in your strategies. For more information on this topic, see our

The Importance of Good Cash Flow Management

Any business owner knows that having cash on hand is vital when running an enterprise. In fact you don’t even have to be a business owner to be aware of this – running a household is probably enough to convince you.

The Importance of Planning and Budgeting in Small Business

It has probably become a bit of a cliché by now that businesses that fail to plan, plan to fail. Cliché or not though it remains pretty much fact – that without an initial business plan and ongoing planning and budgeting, any business is likely to lose its way, and possibly spend a lot of

2014 Jim’s Bookkeeping National Conference

Jim’s Bookkeeping has recently concluded its National Conference in Surfers Paradise. The 45 delegates at the Conference had the opportunity to receive in depth presentations. Visit our Jim's Bookkeeping Facebook Photo album with more pictures from the conference. Simply click here to view our